fin d'été

par Ghyslaine et Sylvain Staëlens  -  14 Septembre 2011, 20:14  -  #Sculptures






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Philip Hammial 28/09/2011 13:57

Dear Ghyslaine et Sylvain,
I have discovered your wonderful sculpture via a link from Laurent Danchin's website. Your work is amazing, powerful and very interesting, among the best I've seen. Laurent is a good friend. I
spent time with him when I was in Paris in 2009/10 at the Cite International des Arts. If I ever get back to Europe I'd love to visit you (no idea where you live). I'm a poet (several entries on
Google) and a sculptor. You can find my work on the Saatchi site: click on Saatchi online, top right; then type my name in & click search; then all; then go.
Best wishes,
Philip Hammial