Ghyslaine et Sylvain Staëlens

Ghyslaine et Sylvain Staëlens

Metro Show, 24-27 janvier 2013, New York

Publié par Ghyslaine et Sylvain Staëlens sur 10 Février 2013, 15:55pm

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Metro Show Cavin-Morris Gallery (2)


Metro Show Cavin-Morris Gallery (3)


 Metro Show Cavin-Morris Gallery (5)


 Metro Show, stand Cavin-Morris Gallery.

 24-27 janvier 2013, New York


  Metro Show Cavin-Morris Gallery (7) 

  Photos : Cavin-Morris Gallery







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Commenter cet article 16/05/2014 11:01

That's some creepy artifacts. Could have added some brief words about these exhibits. Liked the authenticity and the crafts-work in each of them. thanks for sharing with us these photos.